Leather Towel: Towel IV 12" (new)

Hozac Records


The debut album from Melbourne's LEATHER TOWEL—twelve songs of white-hot punk scorch that plays out in eighteen minutes. Songs about the cinema, love, fast food and Yoko’s righteous takedown. The most outrageously (fake) punk band any of these jokers have played in and the most bonkers record you will hear all year. At first blast, the AUSMUTEANTS instantly come to mind before anything else, and of course, that's due to that very same band's JAKE "THE LOVER" ROBERTSON's brash and unhinged vocals and guitar interchange splattering his guts across the room. But this project has far more nuance and panache, as noted by the inclusion of cohorts from NUN, EXHAUSION and OOGA BOOGAS will attest, an attempted swipe at the hardcore template, yet thrown off-balance due to the amount of truck stop cheese whiz and vertigo oozing out of these unhinged scatterbombs as they screech across both sides of this frantic debut LP. It's an evolved hardcore record for the non-mysterious guy, and the post-punk side trips don't hurt the effort one bit, further channeling the Gordons-esque downstrokes and brackish, ugly rhythms which lead to an ultimate climax of irreversible malaise. Edition of 400 copies on black vinyl.

Our take: New LP from this new Melbourne, Australia band that boasts the same singer as Ausmuteants. While his voice is instantly identifiable, the music is quite different, dropping the Ausmuteants' Devo-inspired jitteriness in favor of something more like the heavier, Stooges-influenced groove of Eddy Current Suppression Ring or the Ooga Boogas. In fact, IV reminds me quite a lot of ECSR's debut in several respects... not only the way that they can make hanging on a simple riff for quite a long time sound exciting, but also in the tossed-off nature of the lyrics and the way that they can also throw down near-hardcore blasts that almost sound like they could be from a different band. Really, though, at the end of the day it's just that these songs are so infectious... I like the Ausmuteants, but this Leather Towel LP has already gotten its hooks into me way deeper than any of their records, and is starting to rival the Eddy Current / Ooga Boogas axis for space at the top of the "Daniel like it-ometer." Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s australia garage gb325 melodic punk recommended