Leather Jacuzzi: Monsters, Narcs, and Idiots cassette



Cassette release from this new band out of Calgary... fast and catchy in the classic USHC style.

Our take: Cassette release from this band out of Calgary, Canada, and with eight full tracks it's more like a cassette full-length than a demo. This thing doesn't only have quantity, though, it also has quality! I absolutely love bands like this who seem to take equal amounts of influence from classic '77 punk and early 80s USHC, and Leather Jacuzzi definitely fit in with bands like Neighborhood Brats and Norway's Dark Times in the way that they're able to play music that's fast and hard but at the same time very, very catchy. They go a bit further in either direction than most bands, though... there are several moments of full-bore hardcore here as well as a number of moments that border on straight-up power-pop. It's a brilliant, infectious combination and I can't stop listening. Despite the above comparisons, this is a band that has a very unique voice. If they were from New York they'd be huge, but since they're from Calgary this will probably fly under the radar. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s hardcore raw recommended ushc