Leather Daddy: S/T Cassette



Demo tape from this band out of Richmond, VA that has been turning quite a few heads. I remember that the official description references Ass Cobra-era Turbonegro, and it's kind of astounding how much this sounds like that record in places, though the guitars don't have the blatant Ginn-isms that are one of my favorite parts of that record. Basically, if you're not familiar with Ass Cobra (and you should be!), this is kind of rock and roll-tinged hardcore punk, sort of along the lines of Feel the Darkness and later era Poison Idea, though given the fact that this band has its roots in the Richmond hardcore scene there's definitely more of an early 80s sensibility than I would ascribe to a lot of bands that attempt the fusion of rock and punk. Still, the catchy vocals really sell this one. Definitely a top-notch punk demo and one of the most exciting things I've heard come out of Richmond in some time.

Tags: hardcore punk richmond ushc