Laughin' Nose: P***y for Sale 12"

Under the Radar Records


Reissue of the debut LP from this Japanese punk band, originally released in 1984 on AA Records. This is a pretty weird record, and not really part of the Japanese hardcore tradition, even though Laughin' Nose did (and probably still do) play with many of those bands. The music is kind of goofy, melodic '77-style punk with really high-pitched vocals, reminding me quite a lot of the Toy Dolls, but also with passing similarities to the Dickies or the Boys. There is a reason someone wanted to reissue this, as it's a quite cool little KBD/'77-style obscurity, and if you dig classic weirdo and/or melodic you'll quite like it. This is an official reissue and is limited to 300 copies. Under the Radar Records

Tags: '77 & KBD 80s Japan oi! reissues