Latex: S/T 7"

Sensual World Records


Debut 7" from this Philadelphia band. This one kind of fits in this sweet spot where I could see a lot of different people getting into it. On the one hand there definitely seems to be a pogo-punk influence at work here, as the songs are built around a very bouncy beat, but it's not quite as straightforwardly 1-2-1-2 as, say, Sad Boys, even if Latex do sound really similar to them in places. It's pretty much all hard and fast, and when you combine hard, fast, and heavy with those super high-pitched lady vox and the occasional blazing guitar lead you get something that reminds me quite a bit of the Comes. High praise, I know, but I dare say Latex live up to it... this is pretty raging!

Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore recommended