Latex: Losing Game 7"

World Gone Mad Records


Philadelphia's LATEX return with their second EP of stomping hardcore punk. Chorused-out, catchy guitars and pounding drums, crunchy bass and gang vocals on choruses with shrieked and cutting vocals. Reminiscent of early UK punk like THE PARTISANS mixed with a healthy dose of 80s USHC punk. Tough, driving and in-your-face.

Our take: Between Blank Spell, Haldol, and Latex, Philadelphia is home to some of my favorite current bands in the world right now, and this new 3-songer from Latex only cements that place. I feel like there are a slew of angry girl hardcore records out this month, and I'm loving it. When you pair high-pitched lady vox with heavy yet catchy songwriting you're pretty much guaranteed to garner comparisons to the Comes and/or Criaturas, and neither would be out of place with Latex... the singer also employs a similar tone and cadence to the singer of Sad Boys in places. I can't imagine what a punk wouldn't like here... this is blistering, bouncy, and surprisingly hooky punk with more than enough heaviness for the hardcore set. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore punk recommended uk82