Last Sentence / Voco Protesta: Split 7" (new)

Doomed To Extinction Records

$1.00 $7.50

LASTSENTENCE- Osaka raw noise mangel attack,  current/ex members of Framtid, Ferocious X. VOCO PROTESTA- Tokyo crusty hc/thrash punk, Asocial Terror Fabrication drummer on guitar

Our take: Brand new split 7" between these two noisy Japanese hardcore bands. Voco Protesta you may remember from their earlier 12" on La Vida Es Un Mus... for me I always remember Voco Protesta as "that band that sings in Esperanto" because it's so freaking weird, but their brand of hardcore is pretty killer as well. Not really full on d-beat, this is more like the fast, slightly sloppy European hardcore of bands like Wretched. The recording here is really powerful and I have to admit the band's sound is super fresh. As for Last Sentence, they have a more straightforward and traditional Japanese hardcore sound that reminds me quite a lot of DSB... like DSB (who are one of my favorites and still one of the best live bands I've ever seen), Last Sentence has riffs for miles and a slightly catchy quality that reminds me of GBH. Definitely a pretty cool little split for those who like to keep up with the current Japanese scene.
Tags: 10s 65804 d-beat hardcore japan noisy recommended yoobl