Last Crusade: S/T 7"

Longshot Music


Debut vinyl from another traditional oi! band from the UK. Gruff and melodic, if you're hip to Crown Court this is probably the next band from this scene you should check out.

Our take: I've had several people come in the shop and make the same joke about this record... they hold it up and say "hey, what's this sound like?" Yeah, Last Crusade definitely aren't making any bones about what they're going for... they're four skinheads playing gruff, traditional oi! music, and along with Crown Court they're definitely one of the most exciting traditional oi! bands I've heard in some time. I've never followed modern oi! very closely because so few current bands get anywhere close to giving me what I get from the classics. However, with bands like Rixe, Crown Court, and Last Crusade a little renaissance seems to be happening; in much the same way as the No Way generation of early 80s USHC-inspired bands reinvigorated the hardcore scene in the early and mid-00s, a new crop of oi! bands is finally making music that can stand with the classics. Last Crusade have it down pat... gruff and tough, but with the hint of simple, terrace-chant melody that makes oi! so immediate and memorable. If you're into bands like Rixe or Criminal Damage pick this up along with the Crown Court EP... you won't be disappointed.
Tags: 10s melodic oi! recommended uk