Lapinpholthajat: III 12"

Havoc Records


Havoc Records presents the third LP from Finland's Lapinpolthajat. Hard hitting Finnish punk drawing heavily on the tradition of late 70's and early 80's bands like Lama and Appendix. Great catchy and memorable songs. Comes with a poster and with Lyrics translated into English.

Our take: 3rd LP from this Finnish hardcore band. We've carried their previous records and they haven't sold particularly well, but even if you checked out their previous stuff and didn't dig it I'd encourage you to give III a listen. Havoc's description references the classic Finnish punk of Lama and Appendix and certainly that's part of the story here... like those bands Lapinpolthajat is predominantly fast and powerful but also has more than enough catchiness undergirding their sound to make the songs really stick to your ribs. And, as always, Finnish is simply one of the angriest-sounding languages out there and just sounds great when being screamed in a hardcore punk band. I think there's a lot more to Lapinpolthajat than a simple retro hardcore act, though... this whole LP is jam-packed with interesting little melodies (though angry-sounding ones, I swear!) as well as clever and catchy little minor-key riffs that don't sound like much else I can think of. These quirky little aspects of the band's sound kind of remind me of classic Polish punk like Dezerter and Post Regiment, and like those bands Lapinpolthajat also aren't afraid to mix in some traditional folk melodies in a way that most hardcore bands would never do. If you have a very particular idea of what hardcore or d-beat or raw punk or whatever should be then this probably isn't going to do it for you, but if you're interested in hearing music that pushes the boundaries of those sounds this is an interesting, cohesive, and powerful album that's well worth your attention.
Tags: 10s finland hardcore scandinavia