Lacerations: Demo Cassette

Punk Alive Records


Ripper of a demo from this band out of Dallas, Texas. Man, this one reminds me of the heyday of 80s retro hardcore that was really vibrant back when Sorry State started, and indeed this sounds like it could have been an early release on Sorry State or No Way. It has that catchy, slightly metallic riffing of bands like Direct Control... it sounds like the band has listened to lots of stuff like Dr. Know, Attitude Adjustment, RKL, and other bands that fall on the slightly more metallic end of the 80s USHC spectrum. The songwriting is great and the production is nice and raw... I know that this sound is a little out of vogue at the moment, but if you're still keeping the flame this demo is top-notch.

Tags: 10s hardcore punk texas ushc