La Misma: Kanizadi 12"

Toxic State Records


Finally! After a year and a half of waiting for a proper follow up to their excellent debut 7", NYC's La Misma return with their debut LP. To cut to the chase, I'm shocked at the level of improvement from the 7" to this. The 7" was great, but this record might just be a masterpiece. There is a far more dynamic approach to the songwriting and flow of the record that really stands out. On some of the slower songs, you would possibly think that you're listening to the best (unintentional) post-punk record of the year. Every element of the band is excellent, of course, but what TRULY stands out are the guitar parts, which are the best NYC punk (or American punk) has to offer in 2015. As always, the packaging is the best in the game. The covers are actually red and not purple (that's the Euro color), which I think is a better look! Essential.

Our take: I loved the bouncy pogo punk of La Misma's earlier releases, but as all of those New York bands are wont to do, this newest release ups the game considerably. My first reaction when I heard this LP was that La Misma must have been paying some attention to what Dawn of Humans have been up to lately; like that band, La Misma are strikingly creative with their arrangements, not only in the deft and memorable interplay between the guitar and bass, but also in the clever little touches that litter this record, like the vocal loop that runs all the way through "Afirmação," for instance. Any given song on this LP has enough exciting ideas in it that a lesser band probably would have made three songs out of them. La Misma not only manage to fit this explosion of ideas into relatively straightforward punk songs, but do so in a way that doesn't sound overly dense, contrived, or belabored. They're also helped out by one of the better production jobs on a Toxic State release; much of the great music released on this label is merely "good enough" in terms of recording quality, but each instrument has its own frequency range here, you can hear everything, and the sound is compact and powerful. I probably say this nearly every time they put out something new, but this is really one of my favorite things that Toxic State has ever released. Without a doubt one of 2015's seminal punk releases, and of course highly recommended.
Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore nyc punk raw recommended