Kyklooppien Sukupuutto: Self-titled 12"


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Debut LP finally has hit the streets. The artwork is absolutely amazing, and with an embossed full-colour sleeve to boot these 12 songs of truthfully pissed off hardcore anthems has become mandatory in every collection. The songs take off from where the previous split with DEATH TOKEN ended, recorded in the band's practice space ? by themselves! - I am really amazed with what they've come up with, who needs a pro-studio when you can just do it yourselves and better! The lyrics are dead on perfect for me, strange to bizarre, dark, personal and very f***ING angry, and the handling of the instruments and - at times - spastic rythms make it stand out as a totally different listening experience from most other bands. I guess you could say its the sound of urban alienation, or concrete onslaught, the corrosion of an entire city.

Tags: 00s bfsale Scandinavia USHC

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