Kurraka: S/T 12"

Trabuc Records


I'm beyond stoked to finally get copies of this in the distro... Kurraka's debut LP was one of my favorite records of 2014, and while it's a shame that it was only released in Europe, at least the recent taking of the Euro means that we can sell it for a price comparable to that of a domestic LP. Anyway, I've loved Kurraka's music from the moment they started. Dru (who also sings for Criaturas) has a great voice, and the fact that Kurraka's music is a little bit more primitive means that her vocals have even more space to shine. If you liked Kurraka's earlier stuff you'll definitely be into the LP, but they also deploy some new tricks on this one, incorporating a hint of post-punk into their sound, which both gives the LP a lot more atmosphere and also lends them a pop edge that the band didn't have before. Their evolution is most apparent on "Lunar Eclipse," which is one of my favorite songs of the past few years. While Kurraka haven't gotten quite the attention of their Austin peers like Criaturas, Vaaska, and Impalers, this LP is really a landmark statement and, in my opinion, a mandatory purchase.

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Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore post-punk recommended