Kuro: Hardcore Damnation 12"

Noise Not Music Records


Noise Not Music unofficially re-releases some more classic Japanese punk. Looking at Kuro's discography on discogs it's quite a mess, but this LP compiles all of the tracks from their essential releases: their first and second flexis, the Who the Helpless 8", and the Pinch and Ouch comp LP. In addition to having one of the gnarliest looks in the history of Japanese punk, Kuro were one of the pioneers as the Japanese scene transitioned from punk into hardcore. There's a bit of both in their sound... some of the riffiness of the Stalin (particularly the Trash LP), but also quite a lot of the wild, more aggressive sound of bands like the Execute (and even a little bit of Aburadako-esque weirdness for good measure). At the end of the day I wouldn't say that Kuro are as musically mind-blowing as any of the aforementioned bands, but they're definitely a first-rate 80s Japanese punk band and if you're interested in the history or even just the unique sound of early Japanese hardcore you should know this band's material. Not a lot in the way of info or extras on this boot, but it sounds great and will definitely get your fist pumping.

Tags: 80s hardcore Japan reissues