Kromosom / Nomad: Split 7"

Lengua Armada Records


On this well-paired split 7" you get three new tracks from Australia's Kromosom. Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but I've always thought Kromosom were a bit uneven on record... I've liked some of their releases quite a bit and some of them not as much, but I'd rank these three tracks as among their best. While in the past they've made laudable efforts to integrate other styles into their sound, the three tracks here are full-bore noisy hardcore with a thick, bruising production. It's not quite as noisy or wild as the D-Clone / Zyanose school (the band concentrating instead on heaviness), but it's definitely quite a bit gnarlier and more intense than your typical Totalití_r-inspired band. Perhaps they were trying to match their material to their split-mates Nomad, who do stick pretty hard to the Japanese-style noisy hardcore tradition. These three tracks certainly do, at any rate... the recording here is a bit tinnier and nastier than their LP, with more of a classic Disorder-inspired, dentist drill-style guitar sound. When I want hardcore of this ilk I generally reach for the Japanese bands, but Nomad are one of the few bands outside that country that can hang. And if I want something a little heavier and more hardcore then the Kromosom side will do just fine.

Tags: 10s australia/nz D-beat hardcore new york noise-punk punk