Kromosom: 8 Tracks 12"

Hardcore Victim Records


Debut 12" from these Australian crusties. I've seen these guys get hit with the "noise punk" tag (and the crusty puking on the cover wouldn't steer you away from that assumption), but I don't think that suits them at all... to me, this sounds more in line with the tradition of early Anti-Cimex-inspired raw and heavy crust bands. There's a catchiness here, but it's mostly in the guitar riffs rather than the basslines. I'm pretty sure this band is ex-Pisschrist, and that's a good point of departure, but Kromosom are more primitive and riff-oriented, which ultimately makes them a bit more memorable on vinyl. A ripper for sure. Havoc Records / Hardcore Victim Records

Tags: 10s Australia/NZ D-beat noisy