Kriminal: demo cassette

Aborted Society Records


Demo cassette from this blistering new d-beat band out of Germany.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new German band, and it's a real ripper, definitely a cut well above the boring stadium / banana crust that still plagues a lot of the European hardcore scene. Really, when you listen to them closely, the only thing that's really all that crusty about Kriminal are the gruff, shouted vocals, which instantly recall bands like Framtid. The rest of the instrumentation is more in line with the heavier end of traditional hardcore... stuff like War All the Time-era Poison Idea, Christ on Parade, Final Conflict... in other words, complex, inventive hardcore with a slight metallic bent. Great production, too, that keeps things heavy and immediate but not too raw. A real standout demo, and if you're into anything from Talk Is Poison to Skemäta it'll get your bedroom mosh session started right.
Tags: 10s d-beat europe germany hardcore raw recommended