Krimewatch: Machismo / New York Nightmare 7" flexi

Boss Tuneage Records


The first release on our new label FLEXIPUNK which will be putting out flexi discs of great new bands we and our ears on the ground uncover!

First up is KRIMEWATCH from New York! Two great killer tracks of female fronted punk

Our take: Two-song flexi from this much-hyped New York band which preserves the two tracks from their recent promo cassette on a slightly more permanent format. It’s easy to see why people respond so strongly to Krimewatch, because they take a tried and true sound—their music has a very similar combination of primitiveness and power as early Agnostic Front—and update it with lyrical content and a visual aesthetic that reflects the political and social priorities of the (lowercase) youth of today. I know there are a lot of haters out there who don’t think this band “deserves” the attention they’ve gotten based on their limited output (I think these two songs bring their full discography up to about 7 minutes in length), but I really couldn’t care less about that debate. There’s an undeniable spark here, and while it’s hard for me to point out what, precisely, elevates this band above the legions with a similar approach, it’s obvious that a lot of other people hear it too.
Tags: 10s hardcore mosh new york nyc recommended