Koszmar: Nuklearna Supremacja 7" (new)

Konton Crasher


Latest 7-song blast from this Canadian band that sings in Polish. As on their previous releases, I get some later D-Clone vibes from the absolute relentlessness of Koszmar's playing and production, but there's something else here as well. It may just be the language connection, but I feel like this fuses nasty, noisy d-beat with the interesting, slightly quirky rhythms of classic Polish hardcore like Dezerter. It's a really hard thing to describe, but I feel like I know a Dezerter beat when I hear one, and Koszmar have a touch of that in their d-beat. Regardless of whether they sound as Polish as I think they do, Koszmar remain an absolute ripper of a band. While the production is very much in the vein of modern d-beat, they play WAY faster than your average d-beat band, and their songs are also full of way more rhythmic changes than most punk bands, d-beat or not. There's also a slight black metal vibe to the faster parts. Describing it in this fragmented way makes it sound like an utter mess, but Koszmar aren't schizophrenic... they have a sound that is raw, fast, and 100% their own, and they remain one of the more underrated hardcore punk bands on the planet today.
Tags: 10s canada crust d-beat hardcore