Koszmar: Jeniec Wojenny 12"

Rust and Machine Records


After an excellent demo tape, here's the debut LP from this Canadian band that sings in Polish. Continuing on with the sound of their demo (though with much-improved production), this is definitely seems to take a lot of influence in terms of noise and intensity from Discharge's Why? 12", but with more manic, Framtid-style drumming rather than straight up d-beat bashing. The production on this record is also quite extreme, beginning to push into D-Clone/Zyanose levels of intensity at some points, which definitely helps take this to the next level. Definitely not your average noisy, Discharge-influenced hardcore... if you're into slightly more progressive stuff like Double Negative or Shoxx but also like the manic energy of D-Clone or Zyanose this will be right up your alley. Rust and Machine Records

Tags: 10s Canada D-beat noisy