Korrosive: Syovyttava Laji 7"

Distort Reality Records


After a couple of tapes and a flexi Korrosive delivers their 4 best tracks yet. Finnish-styled hardcore in the vein of Appendix or Kaaos. Finland '83 inspired hardcore punk band from Oakland '16.

Our take: Hard vinyl debut from this Bay Area band and I think I'm in love. I'm not sure what their connection to Finland and Finnish hardcore is, whether they're just big fans or if one or some of the members are from there, but given the fact that their lyrics are in Finnish (at least as far as I can discern) and they've toured Finland with the almighty Appendix it's pretty safe to say that they know their shit. It's important to note, though, that their sound, while adopting many of the things that I love so much about classic Finnish hardcore, isn't hamstrung by the band's influences the way that so many bands are nowadays. I hear plenty of US and Japanese hardcore in the riffing style on these four tracks, and while this recording comes close to equaling many classic Finnish records in ferocity, it doesn't sound like a period piece. Instead, it's just about as raging a slice of hardcore as you're going to find nowadays. The riffs are just perfect, the songs are all balls to the wall, and the production is beefy and powerful without being at all slick. It's pretty much just every single thing I want in a hardcore record boiled down to four songs. Seriously, get this... if you like hardcore it doesn't get any better than this.
Tags: 10s bay area hardcore punk recommended yoobl