Kontaminat: S/T 7"

Lengua Armada Records


Debut 7" from this new-ish hardcore band from Chicago featuring one of the guys from Chronic Seizure. I know most people will probably be salivating over the S.H.I.T. EP that Lengua Armada released at the same time, but I'm just as excited for this Kontaminat EP. It's just a total hardcore rager... the vox sound kind of like 86 Mentality, the music is all meat and potatoes USHC (no real oi! influence), and there are some freaky lead guitars that pop up in weird places... those are its distinctive sonic features, but the most important thing is that this bad boy rages like few other bands out there these days. Highly recommended if you like hardcore.

Tags: 10s hardcore midwest recommended usa ushc