Komintern Sect: D'Une Même Voix 12"

Baldy Sounds Records

$15.73 $18.50

New Material (6 songs) from French's Legendary in Oi!/Punk!
Includes one Coversong in collaboration with Benoit (CAMERA SILENS)

Our take: 12" EP of new material from this classic French oi! band. New material from an old band is always a crapshoot (to say the least!), but Komintern Sect clearly haven't lost their way at all. The songwriting and approach here are virtually identical to what you hear on their classic records like 1984's Les Seigneurs De La Guerre... the only clue that this isn't an old release is the updated production values, which deliver a clear and powerful performance that no one would describe as "raw," but also don't fall prey to common traps of modern (over-) production either. I'm always worried that an old oi! band that gets back together is going to basically sound like the Dropkick Murphys, and while the big guitar sound on D'une Meme Voix means that it won't be mistaken for Rixe's ultra-retro style, it's also incredibly clear that Komintern Sect are one of the key bands that neo-French oi! bands like Rixe base their sound off of. If you like that mid-paced, melodic old French oi! sound and you're necessarily tied to the super raw production that characterized a lot of those releases, this is pretty much guaranteed to hit your sweet spot.
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