Kolumna Burruti: demo cassette

Calaveras Records


“El Burro” also known as “Severino”,etc. Is a punk that has been walking around the streets of lima with his “visu” (peruvian word for punk visual) for years and years making fun of the rich, hating cops and the government one step at a time. He is the mastermind behind bands like DHK and Ratas Rabiosas, two of my favorite bands going on right now in Latin America. Kolumna Burruti is his solo project, written, played, recorded and drawn by him and him only. This is exactly like a mix of his two bands I already mentioned. If you haven't heard about them in the past few years you need stop doing what you are doing and buy their records/tapes ASAP! Kolumna Burruti is like if two people from the japanese early Sodom and two people from the peruvian Ataque Frontal just found out about the Nordic Beat and recorded a tape. That is it more or less it. Tapes like this are the ones that keep me stoked on punk. El Burro is one of the most interesting and musical productive punks in the world and the amount of love for punk this guy has makes me happy to live right now and not the 80s.

Our take: One-man project from the mastermind behind Peru's DHK and Ratas Rabiosas. While this isn't a million miles away from the two aforementioned bands, it is a little bit different, and probably enough so to warrant a new project name. Basically, while DHK play raw and primitive hardcore punk, Kolumna Burruti sound more like a raw and primitive mix of punk and metal. I'd be extremely surprised if Hellhammer were not an influence, as the primitive vibe, the vocals, and the way the riffs and arrangements fit together are all very reminiscent of Hellhammer, though I'm sure someone who knows their metal better than me could reference a whole heap of other bands who sound even more like this than Hellhammer do. Basically, though, this is some raw and nasty stuff, and if you're interested in underground hardcore and metal this should be on your playlist... how the hell does CV Records continue to kill it this hard?

Tags: 10s hardcore latin america metal noisy primitive raw recommended spanish-language