Klaxon: S/T 7"

Klaxon Records


Klaxon started back in 1979 under a different name and during the early years released this 1984 debut 7”. This 7” represents arguably their best material. Five punk rock songs with great melodies and sang both in English and Italian. The original 7” goes for about 100 euros for a copy and we’re extremely happy to bring this 7” out again.

Our take: Reissue of the super rare 1984 7" by this Italian oi! band. I'm sure I've probably heard this on mp3 years and years ago, but right now I'm really blown away by this 7". I really like oi! bands that kind of skirt the edge of being pub rock (Cock Sparrer being the prime example)... basically, they're just playing pop songs with a gruff voice and simple melodies and some slightly bluesy but super catchy, riffed-out guitar. In fact, it's almost kind of hard to believe that Klaxon are Italian because they sound so English... perhaps it's just an accident, but they really sound like they're steeped in the tradition of British pub bands. A really stand-out 7"... if you're into 70s punk and you haven't spent any time with this I highly encourage you to pick it up. Great packaging on the reissue, too, including an LP-style gatefold pocket sleeve.
Tags: 80s europe hardcore italy oi! punk reissues yoobl