Klaxon: 1984 12"

Sydney Town Records


In 1984 KLAXON broke with Italian hardcore tradition by adopting a decidedly more melodic punk/Oi sound on their debut EP. Their rolling bass lines and hummable lyrical melodies combined a harmonious charisma with an 80's hardcore attitude. Having never been re-issued on vinyl, this LP contains all 9 songs from that 1984 session including the self-released EP, their track from the legendary Italian Oi comp Quelli Che Urlano Ancora, and 3 previously unreleased songs.

Our take: Discography LP from this 80s Italian oi! band, featuring the tracks from their The Kids Today EP, their contribution to the Quelli Che urlano Ancora comp LP, and three unreleased tracks. If you're one of the legions of people on the Rixe bandwagon, I highly suggest that you check out this band as an important progenitor to their sound. While Klaxon aren't quite as raw and nasty as some of the French oi! bands, I actually prefer their ever so slightly more sophisticated and melodic songwriting. It's still very much oi!, but it's oi! with a distinct new wave slant... it kind of reminds me of the (way underrated) second Cock Sparrer LP, but with gruffer and meaner vocals. Plus, unlike a lot of oi! bands who seem to rewrite the same song over and over, this LP is absolutely jam-packed with standout tracks. Highly recommended for the oi! historians out there.
Tags: 80s italy melodic oi! punk reissues