Kent State: The Wrong Side of History 12"

Debt Offensive Records

$3.00 $15.00

Compilation of very limited cassette releases from this project featuring Nick from Deep Sleep and Paul from Rough Kids (in the live lineup at least... I think the recordings might be Nick playing every instrument?). Kent State is self-described "psychedelic death pop," which kind of gets at what their sound is all about. It's an interesting and unlikely combination of shoegaze noisiness (and occasionally droniness), Guided by Voices-style hooks, and hardcore punk energy. If, like me, your anglophilic tendencies encompass everything from the Buzzcocks to Ride to Blur to Blitz to Mega City Four you will almost certainly like this. Killer, heavy, guitar-oriented pop... great artwork too. Debt Offensive Records

Tags: 10s melodic noisy USA yoobl