Kekeiji: ΂ë_‰È 7"

ADK Records


I've long known Kikeiji's two classic EPs on ADK Records, but this here is a brand new record recorded in 2012. I would have been skeptical had I put this on before I knew that it was a new recording, but coming to it without any preconceptions I find that it fits right in with Kikeiji's early 80s stuff. Yeah, the recording is a little fatter, but they have that amazing, creepy ADK Records sound down pat... this band writes the best creepy-crawly guitar lines and the a-side is built around a killer one. I'm not sure if these songs were actually written in the early 80s or not, but if they're new compositions I'm looking forward to hearing more... definitely recommended if you're an early 80s Japanese punk head.

Tags: 10s japan