Keiltolaki: S/T 12"

Moo Cow Records


Not new material, this 12" collects all of the stuff Finland's Kieltolaki released prior to their 12" on Feral Ward, including their two earlier 7"s, demo tape, and contributions to compilations. While not quite as heavy and bruising as their 12" (which was one of my favorite records of last year), you can see why this early stuff caught the attention of Feral Ward. This is near-perfect, Discharge-inspired hardcore of the type that only a few bands (I'm thinking Meanwhile and Totalití_r) can reliably produce. God damn, this s*** is just so pissed! I absolutely love this band, and it's great to have all of this early essential material in one place. Awesome packaging, too, including sick artwork, an 8-page, 7"-sized booklet, and a large poster. Moo Cow Records

Tags: 10s D-beat Scandinavia USHC