Kaleidoscope: demo cassette



Oh man, this one is really exciting. You probably already know Kaleidoscope main man (or maybe he's the only man? I'm not sure if this is a one-man thing or a collaboration) Shiva from his work in Deformity and Ivy, both of whom have put out killer records over the past few months. Well, it looks like both of those bands are broken up, and Kaleidoscope feels to me like what's next... in fact, it really feels like what could be next for the whole punk scene. While still very much raw and nasty in the tradition of recent NYC punk (in particular Dawn of Humans), Kaleidoscope's debut cassette takes the sound in entirely new directions. I'm not sure if this is going to make any sense to anyone but me, but it sort of sounds like Paul's Boutique, Jimi Hendrix's more out-there stuff (return shout-out to Adam Whites), and the Dawn of Humans LP got mashed up into the same unlikely band. I was listening to this in the shop and Scott from Bandages / Double Negative said that it sounded just like Royal Trux... I can definitely hear the comparison, but Kaleidoscope clearly isn't just finding a new era or subgenre of punk to ape, it's taking Shiva's unique and rich experience of punk, deconstructing it to near-nothingness and rebuilding it on a foundation that is shaky, but rivetingly so. Hardcore and punk in the year 2015 are a lot of things, but with a few exceptions they're rarely surprising... Kaleidoscope are one of those exceptions. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s nyc punk raw recommended weird