K.U.K.L.: The Eye 12"

Portal Space Records


Reissue of the sole album (originally released on Crass Records) by Icelandic anarcho band KUKL, who are probably most famous as being one of Bjork's early bands. I imagine that people must come to this record with all sort of expectations given the left-field juxtaposition of Bjork and Crass, and honestly if you have a passing familiarity with both Crass's discography and Bjork's later work in the Sugarcubes and as a solo artist you are probably in the ballpark of what this sounds like. Bjork's vocals are, of course, immediately identifiable, and the music, while quite adventurous, contains more catchiness, power, and forward momentum than many other Crass Records groups. Texturally, this probably has most in common with first LP-era Flux of Pink Indians than anything Crass themselves did. So, basically, whether you're a card-carrying member of the avant garde or a butt flap-wearing crusty you can probably get down with this... highly recommended.

Tags: 80s anarcho europe experimental female-fronted iceland melodic reissues