Juanita Y Los Feos: Nueva Numancia 12"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Oh man, total banger alert here... this LP is different from just about anything that Paco has ever released (at least to my mind), but I just can't stop listening to it. I'm hesitant to throw out genre descriptors here because this LP is totally unique and throwing around words like "new wave," "post-punk," or "melodic punk" is bound to be misleading, but there are elements of all three at work here. The guitarist is doing this kind of minimal thing where most of the time he's just bouncing around on one or two strings, playing these simple, infectious melodies while the bass is more straightforward, holding down the rhythm with simpler riffs... the interplay between the two is akin to some of the early Joy Division songs (like, say, "Shadowplay") but these songs are upbeat, bouncy, and fun rather than dour. There's also some super catchy synth in the mix (not a ton, though), and mega-catchy lady vocals that remind me of Silla Electrica. It's kind of hard to describe how it all comes together since it's so totally unique, but everyone who I've played this for has been totally taken aback by how original, catchy, and vital it sounds. If the right people hear this I could see this band getting huge, at least within our little corner of the punk scene. Regardless, if the above description interests you I highly encourage you to get this... it's totally great.

Tags: 10s female-fronted melodic new wave post-punk recommended spain yoobl