Jerk Store #11 zine + City Mouse flexi


$2.00 $6.25

Latest issue of this killer zine from Australia. This reminds me a lot of the other high-quality zines currently coming out of Australia, but rather than the aggro HC that so many of the other zines concentrate on, Jerk Store takes a look at a slightly more pop-informed end of the spectrum. We're not talking about full-on pop-punk here... more HC-informed DIY punk of the likes that Grave Mistake has been releasing for the past few years. This issue features an interview with Terrible Feelings, tour diaries from City Mouse and Unfun, writings on Australian microbrews and the shortcomings of, tons of live, record, and zine reviews, and finally a playable postcard flexi from City Mouse. For a half-size zine this one really packs in the content, and with the flexi included it's well worth the cash.

Tags: Australia/NZ gb325 melodic pop-punk yoobl