Jay Reatard: Matador Singles '08 12"

Matador Records


This collection brings together all six of late Memphis boywonder Jay Reatard's limited edition 7"s from the Matador singles series (with the exception of the Deerhunter cover on #4) which sold out instantly, plus one extra bonus track. Frenzy for the 7”s was so insane initially that it brought down the Matador server twice, once with 10K attempts to purchase in a one-minute period. Every song is a perfect snarling pop-punk gem, but the collection evolves interestingly (and erratically) from punk to pop. Track 13 is Jay’s attempt to write a song in the style of Kiwi songsmiths the Tall Dwarfs. Back in print on 120g vinyl courtesy Matador Records.
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