ISS: Studs Cassette

ISS: Studs Cassette

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From Rich -

"Bought to take the new ISS EP "STUDS" down to sorry state. Made 50.@sorrystate gets 25. The rest will be avail at our hopscotch day show (new body day party thurs) and our charlotte show the following Sunday w patois counselors and gun outfit. Some of these songs will be on the new FULL LENGTH TAPE on NEW BODY TAPES out later this year. that will be pro dubbed. These kinda sound shitty. Sorry! Vanity over sanity."

6 new songs on a home dubbed tape, comes in a hand studded bag.  

Our take: Second cassette release from this North Carolina phenomenon, and WOW... their first one was a total under-the-radar rager, but Studs is miles better. Apparently these are all version of songs that will appear on an upcoming ISS full-length cassette, but in the meantime this exquisitely-packaged (yes, the bag is sealed shut with real studs!), limited-edition cassette is the only way to hear them. The first song, "Part Time All the Time," is easily the best song that ISS has written yet. It seems to change things up a little bit from the usual formula... I could be wrong, but it doesn't sound like the drums are sampled from punk records... instead, the main sample is some X-Ray Spex saxophone, but as with all of ISS's samples it is utterly recontextualized a la hip-hop production. Anyway, the lyrics are about shopping for new punk gear, but the song sounds like the kind of club banger that could make norms order enough $10 shots to make them puke... seriously, this is the type of song that you can't help but play over and over, and if the lyrical content weren't so defiantly niche it would probably make half the world want to play it over and over as well. It's like the "Hey Ya!" of punk or something. While this is undoubtedly the best track on the cassette, the others hardly suffer by comparison. The other tracks seem to have been composed more in the style of the previous ISS cassette, but in every case the songwriting is even more brilliant than before. The lyrics are also completely great, whether Rich is singing an ode to Five Hour Energy, exploring the chud freak universe (choice line: "I can only judge a man by the dangle of his earring"), or just rattling off Crass song titles (I'm pretty sure the lyrics to "PenISS Envy" are composed entirely of Crass titles). Seriously, this cassette is just relentlessly great. Buy it, listen to it, and get pissed off that 99.9% of current punk isn't a quarter as good as this.