ISS: S/T cassette

Loki Records


Debut cassette from this North Carolina project. This is kind of a high-concept endeavor that's difficult to explain, but despite how clunky and potentially unappealing my description might be, this is one of those releases that, when we play it in the shop, whoever is in the store always buys a copy. It's stupid and direct and immediately appealing in the best way possible. Anyway, from what I understand Eddie from Brain F≠ creates the basic tracks for ISS songs using his own skills at guitar and bass (well, I think he just tunes his guitar lower for the bass parts, but you get what I mean) and sampling all of the drums and rhythm tracks from punk records in his collection. Once he has a completed track he sends it along to Rich from Whatever Brains, who adds lead guitar and vocals. You can tell Rich gets into some very different headspace for ISS than what he occupies in Whatever Brains, though; the lyrics are simpler, more direct, more punk, and with tongue planted firmly in cheek. The end result of this convoluted process is totally singular... thanks to the one-man-band aspect some parts of it kind of remind me of Jay Reatard's punkier material, but I can't think of much else in the way of comparison. God knows it doesn't sound much like Whatever Brains or Brain F≠. So, like I said... I realize that description was complicated and ultimately useless, but if you take a chance on this odds are that you like it. It certainly gets my hearty endorsement.
Tags: 10s melodic noisy north carolina punk recommended