Catholic Guilt / Inu: Degraded Cobardes 12"

Symphony of Destruction Records

$8.00 $16.00

Split 12" from these two European bands. Inu are from Spain and play burly, Japanese-style burning spirits guitar with a distinctly Spanish flavor. The riffs are big and meaty like Death Side and there are some Maiden-esque leads, but the unique lilt of the Spanish language means it can't help bud recall old Spanish stuff as well. As for Catholic Guilt, they're from Austria and play dense, discordant hardcore in the Die Kreuzen tradition. When the label told me about this release they actually mentioned Sickoids, and with the Die Kreuzen-esque riffs and chorus-ed guitar this really does sound quite a lot like Sickoids, perhaps mixed with some Polish hardcore like Dezerter. A band well-worth checking out if you ask me. This is also housed in a really swank-looking 2-color silk-screened jacket.

Tags: 10s austria burning spirits europe spain ushc