Insubordinates: S/T 12"

Cowabunga Records

$5.00 $10.00

After releasing a demo way back in 2007 and a two-song single in 2009, Rochester, NY's Insubordinates finally grace us with a big 'ol slab of vinyl. I'd say it's more than worth the wait, too... there's still a pretty good chunk of 2010 left, but this is already one of the contenders for best record of the year. The band draws from a wide variety of influences--surf, Adolescents-style west coast punk later Black Flag, 80s HC, garage rock, and even employs an X-Ray Spex-esque saxophone on some songs. However, rather than sounding schizophrenic, these influences all get perfectly melded together. This is a record that sounds like an ALBUM, which is not to say that it sounds like 30 minutes of the same song, but rather it's ambitious yet cohesive... it's like a musical journey. I can't imagine I'm going to stop listening to this any time soon. Cowabunga Records

Tags: 10s USA