Institute: Salt 12"

Sacred Bones Records


Brand new 12" from this Austin, TX punk band, and as you can expect there's a slight uptick in production quality now that they've moved to Sacred Bones. However, this doesn't mean so much that the production is "better," but rather than that it's even more spot-on in terms of replicating the sound of Institute's clear influences. Seriously, there are moments on this record where I have to honestly ask myself, "did I put on the Zounds LP by mistake?" The lead guitar tone is literally almost an exact match. I'm sure that some people will dismiss them as a soundalike band, but I really like Institute, and I think this is easily their strongest material yet... the clearer production really serves them well, and the lead guitar lines in particular here are just absolutely infectious. It seems like lots of bands lay claim to a Crisis / Zounds influence, but it's really striking how much Institute sound like those bands, and honestly the music is of just as high quality. I've been playing this over and over since we got it in and I don't think it's going to leave the turntable any time soon.

Tags: 10s melodic post-punk punk recommended usa