Institute: Giddy Boys 7"

Katorga Works Records


Debut EP from this band out of Texas and it's a considerable step up from their demo, which was recently pressed onto a 12" by Deranged. The sound here is anarcho-punk, but it's definitely on the more straightforwardly punk (even hardcore?) end of that spectrum. Crisis seems like an obvious inspiration (particularly on the b-side track, "Fate in a Pleasant Mood"), and honestly I can't think of a single recent band off the top of my head that has captured the sound and spirit of catchy anarcho bands like Crisis and Zounds as adeptly as Institute has here. Like the best of those bands, there's a lot to like here, with lots of interesting interplay between the guitars and bass and a kind of muted pop sensibility throughout. Yet another winner from Katorga Works.

Tags: 10s anarcho melodic post-punk punk recommended texas