Instí_ngd: Mitt Svar Pí« Ingenting EP

Sorry State Records

$2.00 $4.00

Sweden's Instí_ngd are a new band featuring members of Regulations and Tristess, but they don't sound anything like the melodic punk of those bands. On Mitt Svar Pí« Ingenting, Instí_ngd take as their main influence old, barbaric Scandinavian punk like Headcleaners / Huvudtví_tt, Missbrukarna, or S.O.D. (the Swedish one, not the one from New York). If you need a less obscure comparison, Urban Waste would make a good reference point since this has a completely blown-out, blistering guitar sound and catchy, punk-as-s*** vocals. Needless to say, this six-song rager destroys everything in its path. Sorry State Records #12.

Tags: 00s Scandinavia USHC yoobl