Inferní_h / Nomad: Split 7"

Brain Solvent Propaganda Records


Split 7" between these two noisy hardcore powerhouses released for their recent east coast US tour. Infernoh are from Sweden and have that early Totalití_r sound down pat... their tracks here are a little more raw and noisy than their most recent EP, and I think it's all the better for it. As for NYC's Nomad, I was excited to hear this since their previous 12" on Toxic State really blew me away. The mastering on their side of the split isn't quite as ear-splittingly raw as the 12", but the band's total Disclose style shines through clearly, with a bit more emphasis on the vocals this time around. You can't do much better than this for a split of noisy, nasty d-beat!

Tags: 10s D-beat new york noisy recommended Scandinavia sweden