Inepsy: Anti-System Flexi 7"

Metal Punk Death Squad


One-song flexi featuring an outtake from the See You in Hell EP recording session. I haven't actually spun See You in Hell in years, so I was kind of surprised how much this sounds like Inepsy's fully-realized sound. I had it in my head that Inepsy started off as a pretty generic crust punk band before mutating into the d-beat rock n roll behemoth that we all came to know and love, but the seeds of greatness are definitely here on this 7" (and it's only an outtake!). The vocals are great, the riff is just a slightly crustier version of the Motorhead-inspired stomper that the band would soon perfect on their first LP, and the recording quality and fidelity (especially surprising given that this is a flexi) are all on point. Only one track so it's not exactly value for money, but the track is a ripper so I'd hardly call it a throwaway either.
Tags: 00s Canada D-beat hardcore punk raw reissues