Incantation: Mortal Throne of Nazarene 12"

Hell's Headbangers Records


While INCANTATION'sí_Onward to Golgothaí_debut is rightly considered one of the greatest death metal albums ever, the band arguably surpassed that landmark with its follow-up, Mortal Throne of Nazarene. Originally released in 1994, two years after that fateful debut,í_Mortal Throne of Nazareneí_saw INCANTATION take all their early trademarks - bestial thrust, otherworldly swarm, smeared atmosphere, TOTAL DARKNESS AND DEATH - and somehow make them uglier, nastier, and far more twisted than the contemporaneous death metal landscape was prepared for. As such, the album was revered by diabolic diehards and shunned by the rest of the "normal" death metal scene; it wasn't until years after its release thatí_Mortal Throne of Nazareneí_would receive its due accolades and legendary.

Tags: 10s death metal metal