Incantation: Diabolical Conquest 12"

Hell's Headbangers Records


A unique, transitory period for INCANTATION, 1998'sí_Diabolical Conquestí_featured Daniel Corchado from THE CHASM on vocals and bass, altogether lending an otherworldly and (yes) diabolical feel to the proceedings. Elsewhere, INCANTATION take the slithering undercurrents of the precedingí_Mortal Throne of the Nazareneí_to new heights/depths, dragging the listener through an existential muck 'n' murk that transcends "death metal" as a definition and into a Beyond where only sinister vibrations rule the psychic wasteland. Forever coiling and roiling like the ancient Ouroboros, INCANTATION'sí_Diabolical Conquestí_is an experience unto itself!

Tags: 90s death metal metal reissues