In School: Cement Fucker 7"

Thrilling Living Records


Second EP from NY's IN SCHOOL.

Our take: New York's In School are back with their second 7", and it's both a little different than their last one and a lot better. The last one seemed to trade mostly in brute force. Maybe it's just because I saw them cover "Power" by Agnostic Front at a show, but it seemed like early 80s NYHC was one of the primary influence of In School's earlier stuff, so the riffs were simple, meaty, and to the point. Of course, for the power in that music to translate to vinyl (and it certainly did on their debut) it has to be played very precisely, so it's no secret that In School are really powerful musicians. However, I feel like they show off a little bit more on Cement Fucker, which, despite the name, has a little bit more finesse to it than the band have displayed before. There's a bit of lead guitar in the mix which definitely gives the songs both some added oomph and an important melodic counterpoint to the main riffs, but the riffs themselves are also quite intricate, with a lot of those fast little triplets that I associate with Die Kreuzen. I also have to admit that I'm fascinated by the slightly cryptic lyrics to the title track: "Cement firms the wall / Is a fucker / Smash it down with steel / And then you're off." Those lyrics are a pretty good analogue to the music... undeniably powerful, but also slippery and unable to be pinned down, generalized about, or easily dismissed. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s female-fronted gb325 hardcore new york nyhc recommended ushc yoobl