Ignorantes: Olor a Cuero Rancio... cassette

Calaveras Records


This little tape is probably the most exciting thing I have ever released on the label. Is one of those small things charged with backstory, exchange of letters and punk. The story goes like this: My good friend Atacho from a bunch of cool bands in Chile told me there was one of the best bands in the world right in a small town close to his city Concepcion. He told me there were insane, they didn't play too many shows and didn’t had anything online because they hated the internet, like for real. He sweared to me they were a mix of Dexkoncierto, Rasix and Ataque de Sonido. From just saying that I wanted to release their shit ASAP. I got a hold of El Barto and Gabriel and they send me their two demos on cdrs. And I have to say it is the best demos I heard in a long while, if not ever. I listen to both cdrs hundreds of times and sang their lyrics at the top of my lungs while commuting/hating my job for months. They are PUNK, harsh and real, I think Ignorantes have the of the best lyrics in punk since Eskorbuto. I told them I wanted to release this on a 12” but they promise to send me new songs for an 12” that is coming on Cintas Pepe and CVR in a few months (years? decades?). For now we will have to conform with this tape called “Olor a Cuero Rancio, Vino y Raja” (smell of rotten leather, wine and ass in English) Check them out!

Our take: Demo cassette from this new band from a small town near Concepcion, Chile. This is about as raw and vital as hardcore punk gets right here... the music is simple, direct, and to the point, and while my Spanish is way too bad to make much sense of the lyrics, this feels like music that means something rather than a lot of the rather disposable music that's out there these days. If you're looking for a band that offers a unique and unexpected combination of influences, this isn't really it... this is just raw, go-for-the-throat punk music that is all about immediacy and urgency rather than finesse, and if you're into the other stuff released on labels like CV (including, perhaps most importantly, DHK) and Cintas Pepe (Muerte, Crimen, etc.) this is a 100% essential purchase.
Tags: 10s hardcore latin america punk raw recommended south america spanish-language