Iceage: You're Nothing 12"

Matador Records


2nd LP from this band of Danish youngsters. I always kind of wondered if their first album was a fluke... on that record, it almost sounded like they wanted to be a hardcore band, but didn't quite get it right and ended up with something much more interesting. On this LP, however, it's clear that the band, in fact, have an extremely deliberate and original voice. Both the songs and the overall "vibe" of the record here are truly outstanding... really like nothing else I've ever heard in my life, and not only is it singular, but compelling as well. There's a reason why bands like Iceage, F***ed Up, and Ceremony get signed to big indie labels like Matador; it's because they have an utterly unique voice and are making genuinely new and exciting music. If you come to records just wanting to hear an established sound done well, then you're going to hate this record. If, however, you want each record in your collection to be special, to have a sound like no other, and further if you like music to surprise you, then you absolutely much hear this. And, of course, if you liked New Brigade then you absolutely need to hear this, because it's about 50 times better. I can't say enough good things about this... highly recommended. Matador Records

Tags: 10s melodic post-punk Scandinavia