Hurula: S/T 12" (Deranged Pressing)

Deranged Records


While I really wish he would spend his time bugging Marcus to do more Instí_ngd releases, it's good to see that Robert from the Vicious / Masshysteri is back at it. His new band Hurula pretty much picks up where the last Masshysteri record left off, perhaps moving even more in a pop direction. Honestly, I think this sound suits him a lot better... I think Masshysteri's last record was their best one, and it's good to hear him push the music further with more complex instrumentation and arrangements rather than being tied down to having to be "punk." Not that this isn't punk... it's still loud, but the pop sensibility is at the forefront. At any rate, if you were a Masshysteri fan you'll definitely want to pick this up.
Tags: melodic punk sweden