Humiliation: 4 Song EP 7"

Warthog Speak Records


The vinyl debut from this Arizona powerhouse is a noisy, claustrophobic cacophonic amalgam of 1990s discordant freedom, the '10's acceptance of noise rock-ery, and the current crop's ability to re-shape hardcore into a slithering amoebic serpent. Akin to a mix of Groundwork, Rorschach, Walls, and some other modern HC giant that I can't put my finger on.

Our take: I kind of hate the artwork on this record because it makes it look like some kind of nondescript power violence record when, in fact, this is a completely warped, grade A prime rager. To me, Humiliation (who hail from Phoenix and share members with Gay Kiss in case you were wondering) sound like Black Flag if the Damaged lineup had stayed intact through the recording of the later records and also got as interested in harmonic possibilities as they did in rhythm. These four tracks definitely rely on the kind of meandering, lurching, vaguely psychedelic rhythms of the later Black Flag songs, but the guitars are just impossibly dense, delivering not only a heavy low end but an even more pleasing upper-register chime that kind of reminds me of October File-era Die Kreuzen or maybe even Honor Role. This is an absolutely beautifully recorded record, one that you need to listen to attentively and on good equipment... if you treat yourself to the pleasure of actually listening to this thing closely you will find depth that most hardcore bands can only dream of. I'm at a loss as to how else to say it, but this is killer. Highest possible recommendation for worshippers of the electric guitar.
Tags: 10s hardcore noise-rock noisy recommended yoobl